Our Property Management Staff

management-wrgBeing a leading real estate developer, it is our duty to maintain and manage the properties we develop. Be it an industrial warehouse ready for sale, or an agricultural storage unit, our property management executives ensure that every aspect of the building and site is perfectly managed and looked after. From regularly checking water and electricity connections to examining sewer lines and crucial safety aspects along with the payment of property taxes, we take responsibility for the superior upkeep of all our properties.


Our property managers are responsible for handling projects under the following categories:

  • Multi-facility storage and distribution centers
  • Industrial and commercial real estate development
  • Construction
  • Remodeling of existing properties
  • Development of industrial warehouses for sectors like manufacturing, and third party logistics

We have reliable agents

real-estate-agents-wrgAt Warehouse Rentals of Georgia, we have an experienced team of realtors who manage every aspect of our diverse business. From establishing new contacts in the industry to finding major locations, managing third party constructions and establishing synergies with investors, real estate partners and prospective buyers, our team is equipped to handle the many different challenges of the business.

The Realtors working with Warehouse Rentals of Georgia

Mitchum Jackson
 (251) 479-8606
Hagood Morrison
Direct (843) 725-3425
Mobile (843) 270-5219
John Neely
 (912) 657-1778

Danny Chase
(912) 604 4918

W.H. Johnson
(912) 844-6681
Benny Dockery
(912) 384-5682